Common Questions about Photo Booths


Photo booth rentals are growing in popularity for a number of good reasons. Having photo booths in parties can help improve the overall mood of an event while at the same time, give guests and attendees that chance to bring photos with them after they leave. Their huge popularity has led to many questions about their services. Let us look at some of the common questions revolving around photo booths.


What Events are Suitable for Photo Booth Rentals?


Photo booths are quite flexible which allows them to be used in a variety of events. Holiday parties, weddings, birthdays, conferences, private dinners, galas, product launches are among the popular events in which photo booth rentals are widely used.


How Much Space Do They Take Up?


2.5m x 2m is considered to be the ideal area required for a photo booth to function normally. This allows the booth a bit more leeway with their backdrop, prop box table, studio lighting and the likes. By giving it more space, photo booths will be able to accommodate more people in a group picture which is often the highlight of the event.


How Are Pictures Taken?

It should be noted that photo booths come in two different categories namely enclosed and open air. Open air photo booths require the assistance of operators which allows for a more interactive experience. On the other hand, enclosed photo booths often make use of automation with equipment such as touch screen panels to give clients freedom and control on how they want their pictures to be taken.


Are Photos Limited?

The beauty of photo booth rentals is that there is no limit on how many pictures you want to take with your friends. Furthermore, each guest will be able to receive a copy of the photo along with complementary reprints when the need calls for them to do so.

Photo booths rentals are often provided on an hourly basis so even though picture taking is unlimited, it may be a good idea to take turns giving other guests the chance to take photos for their own.

We’ve mentioned a few of the many questions that revolve around photo booth rentals. Get in touch with photo booth rental companies near you to learn more about their services as well as their rates. See interesting photo booths in Raleigh for more options for your event. Don’t forget to book an appointment in advance to help save a fair amount of your time and resources.