5 ways to upgrade your Home Décor

Upscaling your old furniture and home décor is the new age term for renovation. Investing in all new furniture pieces and upholstery is very tedious in this time and age and that is why people who appreciate the value of available materials in their home are opting to reuse and upgrade their out dated home décor pieces. There are umpteen ways you can upgrade your home décor in the simplest ways possible. Let us count down on a few ways you can revamp your décor.

  • Changing the colour of your wooden furniture by painting over the existing paint that may be peeling off. You can jazz up these simple home décor elements by using colour instead of the same browns.
  • Transform storage boxes, shelves and drawers using decoupage paper and glue. If you have the crafting streak in you, you can easily get this easy home décor DIY done very easily.
  • Transform old shelves and broken drawers into slide-in and slide-out cabinets that can be accommodated under the bed. If you have a lot of empty space under your bed, these shelves can make for additional storage under the bed. Plus to add a funky element to the home décor, you can colour the shelves.
  • You can use things that are kept in your store room that are not used anymore to add interesting elements to your home. For instance, an old ladder can become a clothes rack when hung on the wall vertically. Another interesting home décor element can be to use old tires, paint and glue them together and attach a pillow on top to make a convenient sitting stool.
  • Use old trunks or big storage boxes to your advantage by painting them over and making them a coffee table in your living room.